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Psilocybin Capsule



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The cognitive liberty movement scored another win this week, with Oakland, CA, becoming the second city in the US to give a thumbs up to hallucinogenic mushroom possession and use.

On Tuesday, the Oakland City Council formally voted to make holding and using psilocybin mushrooms—along with other naturally derived psychedelics such as mescaline and ibogaine—the lowest enforcement priority for the Oakland Police Department.

In other words, if you’re holding a bag of funky-smelling ‘shrooms on the corner of Telegraph Ave. and someone jaywalks in front of you, the law says the police should deal with the jaywalker first.

In reality, the vote formalizes the drug’s de facto decriminalization in the progressive West Coast port city. Sheriff’s deputies arrest an average of just one person per month for psychedelics in Alameda County, population 1.663 million. The Oakland Police Department’s crime lab saw mushrooms samples submitted to the lab maybe once per quarter.


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